Let’s Have Some Fun

It’s for the Kids

When the kids arrive at camp, they all step off the bus looking forward to something special and different. Some are arriving for their first year, others are returning for their fifth or sixth. They’ve chatted with one another along the way in anticipation of the week ahead and have shared what they’re looking forward to most. For some, it’s horseback riding that broadens their smile, for others, it’s fishing or the ropes course. Each camper can expect a number of programs and activities to look forward to such as party night, theme night, skit night and cook-out. Seniors will celebrate their last year at camp with a pizza pool party, a senior breakfast, a senior dinner and a formal graduation ceremony. Sunday has been renamed to Sunday FUNDAY, and the PeeWee’s always show up on Wednesday. Whatever the interest, whatever the excitement, we’ve got it covered. Everyone will find plenty to keep them busy, laughing and challenged. That’s how camp works and it’s been working pretty well, for quite some time.

Let’s have some camp fun!


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