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Yep, it is usually hot. Yep, it is a week full of busy days. Yep, it is absolutely worth it! Being a part of the Camp Esperanza family includes rewards beyond a week of fun. Just ask our twenty-five year veteran counselor Ernie Barker how camp has changed his life and you’ll likely need to pull up a chair. Or speak with former camper now turned counselor Pam Ledbetter (Davis) and watch her face light up as she relays story after story. Or chat with any member of the Medical Staff and note how they tear up when they explain how camp benefits their patients.
Camp Esperanza is a family we are especially proud of and we embrace the diversity in every soul that shows up to follow the plan and do the work. Were you a part of our staff or a former camper? Let us know what you have been up to by using the contact form below.

YES SIREE BOB, It’s a ride that’ll change your life!

**2015 Camp Esperanza volunteers have been selected.

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