Safety First

It's for the Kids!

While having fun is our main agenda, we also understand the importance of safety. Camp Esperanza takes huge measures to ensure every child is under the guidance and supervision of amazingly trained volunteers while having the time of their life.

No doubt sending a child to camp can be a tough decision. Add in a sick child and you could easily find ways to keep them home, safe and sound. To address this concern, we assure you that Camp Esperanza follows strict procedures while considering and recruiting all volunteers. This includes background checks, extensive training and orientation formats, more training and orientation and yep, even more training. The minute your child steps on the bus headed for camp, we have in place extremely well-trained and qualified volunteers to oversee not only their transportation to and from camp but also to provide high-level supervision while at camp. Our cabin ratio, fourteen kids to six adult counselors, is perfect for offering each child the attention and supervision they’ll need. We’ve worked hard to fine tune the safety measures required while your child is in our care and lean also on Camp John Marc’s expert staff to guide and help us along the way. Bottom line, we’ve done our homework and we assure you, your child is in good hands.

Now go plan a relaxing week for yourself while we have an incredibly fun week with your child.

More Information about Safety and Training

Don’t worry, your child’s safety is just as important to us as it is to you. We know that you are considering trusting us to take care of your son or daughter for a week, and we don’t take this lightly. Camp Esperanza has 64 community volunteer counselors who are referred to our camp through very close camp connections, individually interviewed by camp leadership, annually multi-state background checked, receive personal reference checks and employment checks.

Approximately 80% of our camp counselors annually are returning for their 2nd , 3rd , 15th or even 20th year at camp. Camp counselors are from many walks of life; teachers, designers, social workers, lawyers, healthcare workers, business owners. They are all experienced in working with children, have extensive volunteer experience or have children of their own.

Camp Esperanza volunteer counselors have multiple orientations/training sessions in order to prepare them to take care of your children and keep them safe during the week of camp. The volunteer orientation/training ranges from 15 to 20 hours of group education annually depending on their years of service with our group.

Training includes: Duties and Expectations, Developing Appropriate Interactions, Managing Children’s Behaviors, Cabin Planning and Decision Making, Protecting your child’s Personal Health Information, Camp Safety Policies, Preventing Child Abuse, Setting Goals for the Week of Camp & Risk Management Training only to name a few.

In addition to our volunteer camp counselors, Camp Esperanza has a full medical staff and completely equipped medical clinic (The Band-aid Box) at camp. Our medical staff includes 2-3 Physicians, 4 Nurses or nurse practitioners, a Child Life Specialist and a Social Worker all who know your child from helping take care of them at Children’s.