Send a Kid to Camp

It's for the Kids!

This is where we ask the tough question – “Will you help?” We have 140 kids to send to camp each summer. The cost of providing a one week camping experience for each camper is $500.00. Can you send one kid to camp this summer? Or, perhaps help buy snacks for the kids? How about helping to buy thirst-quenching drinks for our hot summer afternoons out on the ropes course or out on the lake in a canoe?

You’ve read about the kids, you’ve seen photos of the incredible feats these campers accomplish at camp – please support them by making a donation. Every amount small or large will help. Remember, It’s for the Kids!

Examples of how you can help our kids go to camp:

$25.00 – Will buy gummy worms for kids at fishing activity!

$50.00 – Will buy snacks for kids at camp!

$100.00 – Will buy cold drinks for kids at camp!

$250.00 – Will send a kid to camp for 3 days!

$500.00 – Will send a kid to camp!!

Our “on-line” payment system is in the process of being updated. Please send a check to the following address:

The Bridewell Foundation, Inc. PO Box 25317 Dallas, TX 75225

Thank you very much!