Faces of Hope Luncheon

The Faces of Hope Luncheon started at the 30th anniversary of Camp Esperanza. Several Arlington friends who through their fundraising efforts have supported Camp Esperanza since the mid 1990’s.

It wasn’t until an opportunity arose when we were invited to Camp Esperanza’s visitor’s day to present one of our checks at camp that we witnessed something magical. We had to get more involved. Over the years the Cancer Research Foundation made annual contributions to the Bridewell Foundation.

Forwarding to the 30th anniversary, we decided to have a lunch commemorating Camp Esperanza and to celebrate the kids. The theme was based on a photo that Janelle Twyford-Silvis took one year when she was the camp photographer. The first year it was such a success that everyone agreed we needed to continue to have the Faces of Hope Luncheon on an annual basis. Here we are now celebrating 35 years of Camp Esperanza and five years for the Faces of Hope Luncheon. Our speakers have been former campers who are now counselors and/or have been involved with camp in one of the many aspects of volunteering.

The last two years we featured the children’s work while at camp under the direction of Carolyn Campbell, and it has proved to be a great fundraiser. We are looking forward to the next five, ten or how many years we can continue to grow this luncheon and raise money for our Camp Esperanza kids.

Doreen Bruner