Laughter brings us together in celebration

Kids laugh a lot. A child’s laughter is glorious. Have you ever taken inventory of what makes children laugh? They laugh about a vast array of noises: screams, beeps, blurps, dings, and whistles. They laugh about a vast array of bodily functions, especially the accidental ones. They laugh about peculiar birds, curious monkeys, outspoken puppets, buckets of slime, knock-knock jokes, and plays on words. They crack up when characters trip, slip, fumble, and bumble. They hoot when they are pleasantly and suddenly surprised. They chuckle when the same thing happens over and over again. They squeal happily when they are tickled, and they beg for more. They laugh when they are chasing one another. They laugh when they are dancing like chickens. They laugh when they are rolling down a grassy hill.

Children laugh a lot.

They laugh at one another, but they especially laugh with one another. In fact, if there is a group of children sitting at a lunch table, chances are they will be laughing together. If there is a group of children playing on the playground together, chances are they will be laughing together. It doesn’t matter where they are—at the movies, in church, at school or…at camp —a child’s primary social language is laughter.

Camp is good medicine

At Camp Esperanza we embrace the power of laughter. We encourage it. We do things to inspire it. We believe that laughter empowers us as a community and gives strength to battle the hurdles most of our campers are challenged with. So for one week in July, every year, we gather to laugh, play, grow, share, support and encourage. You see…we absolutely believe that laughter really is the best medicine.